adinda tenriangke muchtar

Chief Editor

Adinda Tenriangke Muchtar is Chief Editor of Suara Kebebasan. She is also Executive Board Chairperson of Yayasan Kebebasan Indonesia (Indonesian Freedom Foundation) and Executive Director of a public policy think-tank based in Jakarta, The Indonesian Institute, Center for Public Policy Research (TII). Adinda completed her Ph.D. in Development Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (2018) with scholarship from NZAID. Adinda earned Master of International Studies from The University of Sydney (2003) with scholarship from AusAID and Bachelor of Social Science from International Relations Department, FISIP University of Indonesia (2001). Her focus of interests are development and public policy, democracy and good governance, women’s empowerment, and international aid. Adinda can be reached at email: and twitter @tenriangke.

Achmad Haikal Kurniawan

Contributor, Online Platform and Public Relations Officer

Haikal Kurniawan is Contributor at Suara Kebebasan. He completed his study at Political Science Department, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), University of Indonesia, in 2018. Haikal is also active in several libertarian organizations. He has been member of the Charter Teams of libertarian students’ organization, Students for Liberty since 2015. Haikal was also one of the founders and coordinator of libertarian community in Indonesia, which creation was facilitated by Suara Kebebasan, Indo-Libertarian since 2015. Haikal can be contacted at e-mail: and

Reynaldi Adi Surya


Reynaldi is a Student of Philosophical Faith at Islamic State University/Universitas Islam Negeri Jakarta. He is a moderate Moslem activist who is interested in promoting ideas of tolerance, humanity, freedom, and harmony amongst various religions’ believers. Reynaldi can be contacted at e-mail:

Samuella Christy


Samuella Christy is a high school student in Jakarta. She is active in writing for various media regarding social and political issues. Ella can be contacted at e-mail: