Haikal Kurniawan

Haikal Kurniawan is currently working as an editor, writer, and researcher for an Indonesian libertarian organization called Suara Kebebasan (English: Voices of Freedom.) He graduated from the University of Indonesia, with a bachelor degree in Political Science in 2018. His bachelor thesis is about the legacy of President Ronald Reagan for the modern Republican Party in the United States. Haikal also involved in several classical liberal and libertarian organizations in Indonesia. He is been involved with international libertarian students organization, Students for Liberty (SFL), from 2015. Since 2019, he is part of Students for Liberty’s Advanced Leadership Team for the Asia-Pacific region. Besides his involvement in Suara Kebebasan and SFL, Haikal also a co-founder and coordinator of an Indonesian-based libertarian community called Indo-Libertarian, which aims to provide a space for liberty-minded individuals in Indonesia to learn together and discuss social and political issues from a libertarian perspective. In June 2017, Haikal had an opportunity to participate in a summer seminar host by Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) in Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania, United States. He also had an opportunity to participate in International Academy for Leadership workshop organized by Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit at Theodor Heuss Academy in Gummersbach, Germany in October 2018 and Atlas Network’s Think Tank Essentials in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in February 2019. Since February 2020, Haikal also involved as a Fellow for a consumer advocacy organization, Consumer Choice Center.