About Us

A website for freedom, that is the essence of Suara Kebebasan. This website’s main missions are promoting ideas of liberty and giving comprehensive understanding on freedom as well as free market through active and interactive website. We also promote freedom via social media and publications, thus hand in hand working together with strategic partners, individuals, and organizations dedicated to classical liberal.

Our vision is the creation of free, prosperous, and tolerant society in Indonesia, where the environment supports open discussions on freedom and free market in public discourses and policy processes. Throuh Suara Kebebasan, we also try to achieve a vision of increasing awareness among Indonesian Youth on the importance of freedom and common spirit to promote classical liberal values across Indonesia.

Our main target audiences are Indonesian youngsters and also general public who cares and fascinates with the idea of liberty. Suara Kebebasan began its project in March 2015 from the support of Atlas Network. We expect that the website will address the scarce information about freedom for Indonesian Youth through popular media. Moreover, this website is not only providing information, but also giving unique platform for its readers to contribute promoting ideas and arguments for freedom in the Indonesian context. We believe that through the readers’ participation, Suara Kebebasan will gain wider support in promoting liberty in Indonesia.

We also support the establishment of young libertarian community in Indonesia, Indo-Libertarian, and strategic networking and collaboration with other local partners. Some of them are: A Amagi Indonesia; Students for Liberty Indonesia; The Indonesian Institute, Center for Public Policy Research (TII); Kafha Laboratory for Humanity and Culture; Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS), Insititut Demokrasi dan Kesejahteraan Sosial (INDEKS), and several universities and students’ organizations, including like-minded individuals and/or institutions who share similar concerns on freedom in Indonesia.

Suara Kebebasan has a logo with descriptions and meanings as the following:

  • Black spiral sign is taken from discipline of Mathematics. This sign symbolizes infinite progress and optimism. This sign also represents the power of thoughts (brain and mind) and progressive wave of freedom that are amplified through this website. The spiral sign is also close to the initials of the words of “Suara” (Voice) and “Kebebasan” (Freedom), which shows synergy, strategic, and sustainable efforts in promoting and nurturing freedom
  • The letter of “Suara” in black represents ideas, arguments and thoughts which are strong and argumentative against all the clashes of ideas.
  • The letter of “Kebebasan” in red represents courage to promote and fight for freedom.